Why You Need a Capable Michigan Criminal Appeals Attorney

Whether you have been wrongly convicted of a sex or drug crime, robbery, or any serious criminal offense, it does not always mean that it is the end of the road. Additionally, there are times when the sentence given an individual by a judge is harsher than usual and you may want to consider appealing the sentence with the Michigan Court of Appeals. In either situation, it is critical that you consult with a seasoned Michigan criminal appeals attorney who is very familiar with the appeals process, and who has a winning track record in appellate matters.

Appealing a conviction or sentencing is not a simple matter; the fact is, without a skilled lawyer the chances of having a conviction overturned or a case being sent back to court for resentencing are not favorable. However, when you do have an experienced criminal appeals lawyer in your corner, it is often possible to reach the desired outcome.

There are many grounds on which an appeal may be made; police, prosecutors, and judges are all human, and mistakes can be made. Judges can be wrong in their rulings. Police may make mistakes in the course of an arrest. In the case of a DUI or drug offense, test results are not always reliable, as testing equipment may not be properly calibrated; human error can result in faulty results as well.

Appeals are quite common in cases involving criminal activity. Your Michigan appellate attorney may appeal sentencing, a conviction, or even an inappropriate decision by filing an appeal with the Michigan Court of Appeals, or taking other action which may include Motion for Ginther Hearing, Motions to Set Aside a Conviction, Motion to Change or Withdraw a Plea, Writs of Habeas Corpus, and more.

Give yourself another chance by consulting with a qualified Michigan criminal appeals attorney regarding your unique situation. Until you speak with a knowledgeable attorney, you cannot know whether your future could go in a positive new direction.

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