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Most attorneys, whether they practice in criminal defense, personal injury, family

law, or another area of focus, work an excessive number of hours each week.  While successful lawyers do generally enjoy a comfortable living, their time off is cherished.  With Father’s Day coming up, you may be wondering what you can do for the dad who seems to have everything!  The truth is, many attorneys relish just relaxing and spending time with family more than any “gift” that could be purchased.

Considering the time of year Father’s Day falls, the weather is nice across most of the country.  Adult children may want to consider doing something for their attorney dads such as throwing a steak or burger on the grill and enjoying a relaxing meal outdoors.  A drink or glass of wine before dinner, good conversation, just being a family and being together can mean more than anything to a father.  Attorneys’ time is valuable, so a day off with family and just kicking back is sometimes priceless!

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Unless you’re an attorney yourself, you probably don’t realize the tremendous amount of stress many lawyers are under.  Stress and anxiety often go hand-in-hand, which can lead to depression.  In fact, a John Hopkins University study from 1990 found that of the more than 100 occupations examined for issues related to stress/anxiety, attorneys experienced depression at a rate more than 3 1/2 times that of other professions.  The bottom line is this:  lawyers, regardless of their areas of focus, are stressed out!

There are lots of reasons attorneys are stressed.  Sometimes the caseload is enormous, and it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Many lawyers are “perfectionists” because they feel they have to be, considering the law profession is extremely detail-oriented.  Attorneys want to win every case, and reach the best outcome for every client; this can be extremely stressful.  Add to this the fact that many lawyers aren’t eating healthy diets or taking time to rejuvenate themselves, and it compounds the problem.
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The question really isn’t where defense lawyers take their summer vacation; it’s actually DO they take a summer vacation (or a vacation at any time of year, for that matter).  Unfortunately, the answer is too often “no.”  Most criminal defense attorneys are under an incredible amount of stress, and “vacation” has become a four-letter word in many law firms, both small and large.

Between incredibly heavy case loads, trying to get those take care of their clients, and often working 60 or 80 hours per week, many lawyers feel there’s just no possible way to take a vacation – or even a long weekend.  The fact is, everyone, including defense lawyers, need to unplug occasionally.  That means unplugging from laptops and cell phones, completely disconnecting from everything law at least for a while.  It’s vital to a lawyer’s physical and mental health, and the health of a marriage or personal relationship.

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