Robbery and Homicide at Dearborn Family Dollar Leave Police Searching for Answers

On Tuesday July 16, employees of Dearborn Family Dollar store arrived at work to find that something horrible had occurred. One employee was found inside the store, apparently dead from gunshot wounds. While 20-year-old Joe Orlando was deceased, his 20-year-old coworker, Brenna K. Machus, seemed to be missing. According to police in a news article at, Machus may be in danger, and has not been seen since Monday evening July 15.

Police are now in search of two female customers who may have been the last people to see Orlando and Machus. The women were at the Family Dollar store between 7:25 and 7:35 p.m. on Monday evening prior to the shooting. Detectives do have surveillance footage of a man who may be a suspect; the video revealed a man entering the store at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Monday, wearing jeans and white tennis shoes. What is odd to police is that while temperatures are warm, the man is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jacket, the hood drawn in a way that conceals most of his face.

Employees who arrived at the store on Tuesday morning also stated that the store was in disarray and appeared to have been robbed. Police suspect that Machus may be in danger, and are asking anyone with information to call 313-943-2241.

Michigan criminal defense lawyers know that if and when apprehended, the man captured on video surveillance may be facing intense questioning and investigation. While it is impossible to determine his innocence or guilt at this point, individuals who commit murder or homicide may face up to life in prison if charged and convicted. Robbery is another serious criminal offense which can have lasting negative consequences for those convicted.

Individuals who are accused of serious or violent crimes must have a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney who will work diligently to protect their legal rights, freedom, and future. Without capable legal representation, securing a good outcome is not likely.

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