Challenging the Suspension of Your Driver’s License: Hardship Appeal

When an individual loses his or her driving privilege, it is stressful and creates a hardship, to say the least. Getting to and from work or school can become a problem; if others rely on you for transportation, for example your children or elderly parents, it can become a burden for others around you. There are instances in which you may be able to have your driving privilege restored in what is known as a hardship appeal. This requires convincing the court that you are enduring a hardship because of the fact that your license has been suspended or revoked. 669002_red_traffic_light.jpg

There are circumstances in which you may appeal for hardship, and others in which you cannot. Some types of suspensions which may qualify you to petition for hardship include:

You cannot appeal for hardship if:

  • Your license has been suspended due to reckless driving and other factors as listed under MCL 257.319
  • Suspension of your license due to financial responsibility (i.e., child support) – however, it may be possible to appeal if financial responsibility suspension was due to a procedural error.

Having your driving privilege restored through a hardship appeal is not a simple process. You must file the claim of appeal, determine the proper venue, file certain documents and pay fees to the circuit court, detail the hardship, file prior to a deadline, and attend a final hearing in which you must emphasize all positive points in order to present a convincing appeal before those representing the Secretary of State. The fact is, filing for a hardship appeal is much easier accomplished with the support and guidance of a skilled and experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney.

While you do not have to have a lawyer, the process is cumbersome and extremely detailed. Your attorney will help you through the tedious process, and assist you so that you are well-prepared for the hearing, giving you the best possible chance of having your driving privilege restored.

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