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While police officers in Michigan are trusted to keep residents safe and do their best to prevent crime, there are many “secrets” cops keep close to their vest – secrets they don’t want those accused of crimes to know. Why is this? Basically, if individuals suspected of committing crimes were aware of police secrets, prosecutors likely would not secure the number of convictions they do today as a result of police investigations.

It’s important to keep in mind that police officers make a living not only protecting the public, but making arrests and assisting in case preparation for prosecutors. Keeping this in mind, if you’re a suspect in a criminal case, why should you help the police gain the upper hand in an investigation that could result in criminal charges and a possible conviction? Number one, if you’re a suspect you should never incriminate yourself – this is a right guaranteed by our Constitution.

What are some of those “secrets” law enforcement keep close to the vest, hoping suspects aren’t aware of?

Summer is officially underway, and in Laurel, MS authorities have already warned residents of the increase in crime rates over summer months.  Local police say crime begins to rise along with the temperatures, and that it happens every year.  Most of the crimes are vandalism and property crimes such as vehicle and residential burglaries, but Mississippi isn’t alone.  It seems that across the nation, crime increases as temperatures heat up.

We discussed the possible reasons for this in a recent article – kids are out of school, people are out and about more, social events are more prevalent during summer months, even the fact that the heat can make some people extremely agitated or aggressive.  Whatever the reason, it’s a fact – summer is when we see an increase in crime.
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We’ve all long been aware that during the warmer summer months, crime rates seem to soar.  Is it just our imaginations, or do violent and property crimes really escalate during summer?  Unfortunately, increased crime as the temperatures heat up is a fact.  According to a Department of Justice report, burglaries are 10.5% more common during the summer than in winter months.

Law enforcement professionals strongly believe that as temperatures rise, so do the number of violent crimes.  In fact, according to a June 2015 report at the Chicago Tribune, murders were already up by 20% in New York over the same period in 2014, and shootings up 10% over that same time.
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Many people love their dogs; some even consider them an important member of the family, just as important as their “human” relatives.  While all dogs are special, police dogs are in a class all their own, providing law enforcement with capabilities no human has and often helping to “crack the case.”

The majority of police dogs are male German Shepherds, which as you can imagine can be very intimidating to a criminal. You may wonder why other dog breeds such as Poodles or Golden Retrievers aren’t police dogs.  Basically, German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and have the added benefits of being strong and aggressive.  Police dogs aren’t limited exclusively to German Shepherds.  Another breed that’s often used is the Belgian Malinois, a breed used for herding sheep in Europe.  These dogs are imported and used in police/investigation work.  Other breeds that have become K-9 (canine) officers include Boxer, Bloodhounds, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, and Doberman Pinschers.

If you own a dog, you know it can smell things you can’t. Dogs have an amplified sense of smell, and police dogs’ noses are approximately 50 times more sensitive than a human’s.  This is why police often use their K-9 partners when searching for illegal drugs, weapons, bombs, and even bodies.
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