The Top 17 Must Follow Lawyers on Twitter

While some people deride Twitter, saying that its 140 character limit prevents real dialog and discussion, I’ve found it to be a great tool. Sure, there are some worthless tweets out there. None of us really needs to hear about people’s breakfasts or other mundane details of life; but, in the best of cases, Twitter lets you learn about current events or breaking legal issues. It also puts you in touch with experts in the legal field, whether you’re a fellow lawyer or someone who is in need of legal advice. Get the most from your Twitter feed by following some, if not all, of these lawyers.

Alexis Neely (@AlexisNeely)

Alexis Neely is a lawyer’s lawyer. She offers tips and advice on how to run a successful law business on her blog and through her tweets. Her tweets run the gamut from humorous to resourceful.

Traverse Legal, PLC (@TraverseLegal)

It seems fitting to follow a law firm that specializes in internet law, copyright law, and online defamation on Twitter, doesn’t it? Traverse Legal’s Twitter feed is bursting with tips that everyone who uses the web needs to see.

Jeffrey Toobin (@JeffreyToobin)

Toobin is a big name – he’s a legal analyst at CNN, a staff writer at the New Yorker, and the author of several books. I follow him because he usually tweets interesting stories, whether he wrote them or not. His Twitter feed is full of short and sweet commentary on the latest legal news cases.

Emily Bazelon (@emilybazelon)

Bazelon is another must-follow lawyer. A writer with and the New Yorker, she also occasionally appears on The Colbert Report. Her tweets let you keep up with the comings and goings in her busy professional life. Her topics include education reform, bullying, and the recent surveillance issues. I applaud her for making legal topics exciting for people who might not have a legal background.

Above the Law (@atlblog)

If you follow Above the Law, you’re actually following four lawyers for the price of one. It’s the Twitter feed of the popular legal blog Above the Law. The attorneys who write for the blog post links to their recent pieces. Following ATL is a great way to stay up to date on what’s what in the legal world.

Tammy Metzger, JD, MA (@JuriSense)

Lawyers are well-rounded people, and nothing shows that better than Tammy Metzger’s Twitter feed. She not only tweets unusual legal stories (such as the Iowa lawyer who fell for the Nigerian email scam), she also regularly offers general life tips. Thanks to Tammy’s tweets, you don’t have to look very far to get the news.

Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw)

The justice system doesn’t always work the way it should. For that reason, we should be happy to have lawyers like Kathleen Zellner around. As her Twitter feed shows, Zellner’s spent her career helping free people who are wrongfully convicted. Follow her to get a glimpse of real justice in action.

Chrissie Scelsi (@PunkLawyer)

Lawyers like celebrity culture, too. If you want to stay up-to-date on the all the legal troubles of your favorite stars, I recommend following Chrissie Scelsi. Her tweets will keep you updated on music copyrights, the trials of Lindsay Lohan, and all things Florida.

Nicole Black (@nikiblack)

Nicole Black combines her legal knowledge with her digital knowledge. Her tweets offer commentary on pop culture, the legal industry, and technology. She’s helped bring her fellow lawyers into the 21st century. Her tips on how to be more visible online aren’t just helpful for lawyers, but for anyone who wants to boost their online presence.

Eugene Volokh (@VolokhC)

Eugene Volokh is one of the lawyers behind the blog the Volokh Conspiracy. He’s definitely worth a follow if you have even a passing interest in law, as his blog is one of the most well-known in the legal field. Check it out for commentary on the day’s major cases.

Preston Clark (@lawinsider)

Preston Clark is a must-follow if you’re a law student or a lawyer who is new to the field. He runs the Law Insider blog, the goal of which is to help students and new lawyers succeed.

Andrew Mayoras (@probateblogger)

Mayoras is a probate lawyer. If you think probate law and litigation sounds boring, you haven’t checked out his Twitter feed. Follow him to get a new perspective on estate litigation. You might get a few tips to help your heirs avoid a headache when it comes to settling and managing your estate.

Dahlia Lithwick (@Dahlialithwick)

Dahlia Lithwick is another lawyer who writes for Her tweets are often funny, as well as informative. If you want an engaging opinion on the legal news of the day, follow Lithwick.

Mitch Jackson (@mitchjackson)

Jackson is a lawyer based in California who likes to share tips and advice from his career of nearly 30 years. Jackson’s an early adopter of social media and technology such as Google Glass. Pay attention to his tweets to stay current on the latest in social media and the law.

Mark R. Matthews (@MarkRMatthews)

Based in Charlotte, NC, Mark Matthews describes himself as a non-Republican conservative. No matter what side of the political divide you stand on, he’s worth following because he provides up-to-date analysis of hot topics, such as voter ID laws. Although he regularly questions what the current administration is doing, he counts President Obama as one of his more than 185,000 followers.

Bob Ambrogi (@bobambrogi)

A Massachusetts-based lawyer, Bob Ambrogi runs the LawSites blog. He keeps track of the latest legal goings-on on the web and gives you information about the latest gadgets. If your interests include law and tech, start following Ambrogi.

Alan Bedenko (@buffalopundit)

If you like your legal information mixed with a bit of humor, Alan Bedenko is someone you should follow. He’s followed by me, the comedian Stephen Fry, and President Barack Obama, just to give you an idea of the type of crowd his tweets attract.

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