How to Party Smart on New Years

Just a day away from New Year’s Eve, people all over the nation are excited about ringing in a new year, and partying the night away. New Year’s Eve should be a fun-filled occasion, a time when you can let loose and enjoy yourself knowing you will have New Year’s Day off to recuperate. Still, it’s never a good idea to let your guard down too much!

Stay safe for New Year’s 2014 and avoid potentially finding yourself in jail by following these tips:

Go out with a group of friends. There is safety in numbers, so if you’re going to a club or New Year’s Eve ball, do it with friends.

Never drive after having a few drinks. The fact is on New Year’s Eve, most people have more than a drink or two. Choose a designated driver, or call a cab if no one is willing to stay sober. Don’t take a chance – drunk driving could leave you in jail facing DUI charges, or even worse, injured or dead.

Women, keep your drink under a watchful eye. There are unscrupulous men who may try to take advantage of you by putting something in your drink. If you even suspect this has happened, toss your drink.

When it’s time to leave the club, leave only with friends you know and trust.

Even if you intend to stay sober, be alert of those around you. Drive as safely as possible, but be very attentive of other motorists who may have had a few drinks. New Year’s Eve comes in second behind July 4th as the deadliest day of the year for drivers in the U.S. Be on guard, and drive defensively.

Enjoy snacks or food along with your drinks. Putting food in your stomach helps absorb some of the alcohol, so you can enjoy the night without becoming overly intoxicated.

Keep your cell phone close by, and have friends’ numbers programmed in. Should a situation at a local bar/club or even a friend’s house get out of control, you need to have your phone close by. Also be sure that your entire group of friends have each other’s numbers in case you get separated during the evening.

Hosting a party in your own home? Provide a designated driver, invite guests to spend the night if they have imbibed a bit too much, and offer non-alcoholic beverage options. It is also a good idea to set a time when you will stop offering alcohol so that guests have a few hours to sober up before the celebration comes to an end.

Be safe this New Year’s Eve, and enjoy a great 2014! Grabel & Associates wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year.

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