Prince William County Drug Sting Results in Arrests of 68 Individuals

In recent days, police and various law enforcement agencies performed a sting operation that resulted in the arrests of 68 individuals in the Prince William County area of Virginia, according to Potomac Local. Suspects were also found in Manassas and Manassas Park.

Police in Prince William dubbed the drug operation “dragon slayer.” Some of the substances the operations was targeting included heroin, prescriptions drugs, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy. The 68 arrests came at the end of the investigation, which was conducted by Prince William County, Manassas city, and Manassas Park Narcotics Task Force.

Reports claim that search warrants were executed at 13 locations and that six additional locations were also searched. Warrants were also obtained by police for 86 individuals. Investigators seized multiple firearms, drug paraphernalia, and more than $100,000 in cash in addition to the drugs.

In November of 2013, 40 individuals were arrested in Prince William under “Operation Blue Dragon.” In these latest arrests, police not only enforced Virginia law, but made educational materials, staff, and other resources available to arrestees in an effort to help the individuals understand substance abuse and pursue the help they need.

While news reports do not indicate the specific charges those involved face, Michigan drug crime attorneys know the consequences of being convicted of the possession or distribution of illegal drugs and narcotics. Depending on whether an individual is charged with possession of a drug, or possession with intent to distribute or deliver, the criminal penalties in Michigan may range from jail time to a substantial number of years or even life in prison, along with thousands or even millions in fines. Other factors which determine criminal penalties include the type and amount of drug involved, and the individual’s criminal history.

A conviction for a drug crime, particularly a felony offense, can negatively impact the rest of your life. Potential employers, landlords, and even your friends and co-workers can access public information regarding your criminal record. Ultimately, anyone who is charged with a drug crime desires to reach the best possible outcome. By having a skilled Michigan drug crime lawyer represent you and provide legal guidance, it may be possible to avoid a conviction, have charges dismissed, or plea to a lesser crime in order to avoid harsher penalties. Do not hesitate before contacting a defense attorney.

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