Passenger on Motorcycle Hit and Killed by Drunk Driver in Atlanta

On Sunday, June 29, 33-year-old Ellie Morris was killed in an accident involving the motorcycle she was a passenger on and a car allegedly driven by a drunk driver. The accident took place on the southbound side of the I-75/85 connector in Atlanta, according to a news article at CBS 46.

The motorcycle on which Morris was riding was driven by 37-year-old Saahir Salahuddin. The driver of a Hyundai Sonata, Jessica Johnson, was attempting to move into the left-hand lane so that she could access I-20 when she struck the back of the motorcycle. Upon impact, Morris fell off of the motorcycle and was then struck by Johnson’s car.

Salahuddin’s motorcycle then struck the median. He went to where Johnson’s car was stopped and called Morris’s name before leaving the scene of the accident on the motorcycle. When police apprehended him later at Grady Memorial Hospital, they arrested him and charged him with hit and run, first-degree vehicular homicide, and receiving a stolen auto.

Johnson, the driver of the Hyundai that caused the accident, was given a field sobriety test and breathalyzer test. Police claim her BAC (blood alcohol content) was .209, more than twice the legal limit of .08. She was charged with DUI alcohol and first-degree vehicular homicide.

Any time someone dies as a result of drunken driving it is tragic. Even sadder is the fact that death due to DUI is fairly common across our nation.

Anyone who is arrested or charged with DUI causing the death of another person must consult with a skilled Michigan DUI attorney right away. In Michigan, an accident such as the one above may result in DUI causing death or drunk driving manslaughter charges. This is a very serious charge that will leave the offender facing up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. Even more frightening is the fact that prosecutors could decide that the defendant should be charged with murder, a life offense.

Intoxicated individuals should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle, but they do. When you find yourself in the most frightening situation of your life, you must have exceptional legal guidance and representation in order to reach a positive outcome. Contact a Michigan drunk driving lawyer immediately.

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