Michigan State Student Waives Preliminary Exam, Moves on to Trial for Allegedly Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Brandon Carmack, a 20-year-old Michigan State University student of Saline, was scheduled for a preliminary examination for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend in August of this year. Carmack waived the preliminary exam slated for November 26 at 1:30 p.m., and has now been ordered to stand trial.

News reports state that Carmack allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend as well as others, then lied to authorities. Carmack faces multiple charges including two counts of assault and battery, stalking, filing a false police report of a felony and domestic assault and battery. After waiving his preliminary exam, a charge of first-degree home invasion was added.

On August 28, Carmack was reportedly intoxicated when he called his ex-girlfriend during the early morning hours. She was at a gathering of roommates, friends and members of the university’s hockey team according to news reports. Police reports claim that Carmack stormed into the house where the gathering was being held after he demanded to see his ex-girlfriend. He then attempted to choke her after grabbing her neck, at which time men in the home intervened. Some of the men were MSU hockey players; reports allege that Carmack also assaulted some of the men who were present.

When preliminary examinations initially began on November 7, several MSU hockey players and Carmack’s ex-girlfriend testified about his assaultive behavior. Police reports claim that Carmack told the woman he would ruin her reputation.

Carmack alleges that following the assault incident he was stabbed in the head and arm, beaten, and suffered a broken nose. He also claimed that MSU hockey players broke his ribs. His allegations were investigated by East Lansing police. Currently, Carmack is free on a $10,000 cash surety bond.

In Michigan, misdemeanor assault and battery charges which apply to those who are not subject to other criminal penalties leave those convicted facing fines of as much as $500 and up to 93 days in jail. However, Michigan criminal defense attorneys know that in cases like the above where the accused is facing numerous charges including home invasion, the consequences will likely be far worse.

Individuals who have been arrested for domestic assault, home invasion, assault and battery or any serious offense must have a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer on their side for a positive outcome.

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