Former Head of Detroit Police Department Homicide Division Facing Multiple Charges

William Rice, once the head of the homicide division of the Detroit Police Department, recently appeared in court facing allegations of drug dealing and possession, mortgage fraud, operating a criminal enterprise and more. Detroit residents are no doubt used to hearing the words Detroit and corruption together, certainly more often than they would like.

According to news reports, William Rice was engaged in criminal activity while working for the Detroit Police Department headquarters located on Beaubien. Rice went before Wayne County’s 36th District Judge William C. McConico November 20th. In the courtroom, testimony was given by the director of the State Police Crime Lab in Northville, Jurgen Switalski, who claimed he identified or tested over 100 pills which were allegedly confiscated during the investigation of Rice. Some of the drugs reportedly identified include generic Xanax, hydrocodone and those containing codeine.

In February of this year, charges were brought against Rice and his girlfriend, Cheryl Sanford, by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Deed Fraud Unit, claiming that the duo operated a criminal enterprise between 2006 and 2011. The two were facing a total of 16 criminal charges at that time, some of those mentioned above along with giving false information in order to obtain federal funds for mortgage. In June, the two went before a judge to determine if they would stand trial for mortgage fraud.

The next hearing for Rice is scheduled for December 4 at 11 a.m. According to Tiffany McEvans, Rice’s defense attorney, the defense team will recall two witnesses for the prosecution to the stand for testimony, a Detroit state trooper and Special Agent at US Housing and Urban Development, Matthew Nutt.

Due to all of the recent publicity, Rice’s name came up regarding case files that have allegedly been lost during his tenure with the Detroit Police Department; one case in particular is that of Arthur Bell, a man who claims he did not commit the murder he was convicted of. Bell said that when requesting his case file he was told that the file was lost. Attorneys claim that this was a frequent occurrence when Rice was in charge.

Michigan criminal defense lawyers know that if convicted on the multiple charges leveled against him, Rice will likely face years or even life in prison.

Individuals who have been arrested for mortgage fraud, possession of drugs with intent to deliver or any serious criminal offense must consult with a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney right away to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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