Liberty Township Man Arrested for Allegedly Dealing Heroin

Jessie Jones, a 42-year-old Liberty Township resident, was recently arrested for allegedly dealing heroin according to a news article at Jones, who was arraigned on three felony charges on Thursday, August 15, was charged with using a firearm to commit a felony, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of heroin with intent to deliver.

On August 13, the Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team searched Jones’s girlfriend’s home; Jones and his girlfriend were both at the residence according to police. Police searched the residence and located a handgun that had recently been stolen, according to Michigan State Police Detective Lt. David Cook. Police also found 3.5 grams of heroin on Jones.

Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team had secured a warrant to search the home, located near Hatch Road in the 8000 block of S. Jackson Road. The team members secured the warrant as they had purchased heroin from Jones on several occasions. Prosecutors are asking that Jones’s girlfriend be charged in the case as well, although she had not been arrested as of August 16.

In the state of Michigan heroin is a Schedule 1 illicit narcotic which will leave those convicted facing extremely serious criminal penalties. Drugs which fall under Schedule 1 are penalized the most harshly, and are considered substances that are the most highly addictive and abused. As all Michigan drug dealing attorneys know, individuals who are accused of possessing heroin with the intent to deliver must obtain the legal guidance and support of an aggressive lawyer immediately.

Whether you have already been arrested or charged with a drug offense, or are still in the investigative stages, contact a capable and experienced Michigan drug crime lawyer right away. It is vital to your future that you obtain effective legal counsel so that your freedom and legal rights can be protected. Drug offenses are considered very serious in the state; offenders will face life-changing criminal penalties without the advantage of talented attorney who will work vigorously to obtain the best possible outcome.

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