Lawrence Teen Accused of Drug and Other Violations Found in Possession of Spiked Brass Knuckles

On Monday August 12, a 17-year-old Lawrence man was arrested following a traffic stop on M-43 in Almena Township. Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office deputies pulled a vehicle over after observing the vehicle weaving within the lane and running onto the shoulder of the road.

Upon pulling the vehicle over, deputies noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, according to a news article at After interviewing occupants of the vehicle, deputies learned that the driver and some other occupants of the vehicle had been smoking marijuana prior to being pulled over.

Deputies searched the vehicle and located a marijuana pipe along with a small amount of marijuana; the driver was arrested for driving on a suspended license, marijuana possession, and OUID (operating under the influence of drugs).

Upon being searched by deputies, the driver was found to have a pair of brass knuckles with spikes in one of his shoes. He was placed in the Van Buren County Jail on the above offenses along with CCW (carrying a concealed weapon).

Michigan drug possession attorneys understand the serious criminal penalties individuals who are convicted may face. Someone doing something as seemingly minor as smoking marijuana may be fined $100 and sentenced to 90 days in jail. Penalties for possession of marijuana are more serious, and include fines of up to $2,000 and up to one year in jail. When cultivating or distributing is involved, the penalties are even harsher and may include prison time of as long as 15 years, and fines of up to $10 million dollars.

It is critical for any individual who is accused of or arrested for a marijuana offense to consult with an experienced and competent Michigan drug crimes lawyer immediately. Without capable legal counsel, your freedom, reputation, and future may be in jeopardy. Your attorney will begin work immediately to protect you from a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties.

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