Court Hearing Delayed for Lansing Woman Accused of Embezzling from Youth Football Program

Celeste Foster, a 39-year-old Lansing woman, was charged with numerous counts of writing bad checks and embezzling more than $1,000 from a nonprofit recently. Foster allegedly embezzled more than $17,000 from the Waverly Junior Warriors Football program during a one-year period spanning from October 2011 to October 2012; she was treasurer of the program at that time. Now, her court hearing has been delayed by officials according to a news article at

Foster’s preliminary examination had been scheduled for Thursday April 25 in Eaton County District Court. A new court date had not been determined as of the time of news reports.

The Waverly Junior Warriors Football program is an organization designed for fourth through eighth grade students in the school district.

County District Judge Julie Reinke set Foster’s bond at 10 percent of $2,000. She was released from the Eaton County Jail after posting bond.

Michigan embezzlement attorneys know that individuals convicted of embezzling face serious criminal penalties. The consequences an individual may face depend on a number of factors including the value of the money or property embezzled, and whether the individual has a prior conviction. In this situation, Foster may face prison time of up to 5 years, and fines which amount to three times the amount she allegedly embezzled, which would equate to more than $50,000 in this case.

Embezzlement and fraud are white-collar crimes that are taken very seriously in the state of Michigan. The more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment. For instance, an individual found guilty of embezzling property or money worth more than $100,000 may face up to 20 years in prison along with substantial fines. It is critical that those accused of any theft or fraud offense consult with a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately for legal guidance and effective representation.

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