Detroit Suburb Shooting Leaves Two-Year-Old Dead

On the evening of Tuesday, July 1, a two-year-old toddler was killed and two other people injured in a Detroit suburb shooting, according to Michigan State Police who were canvassing the neighborhood at the time in search of information regarding a motive or suspect. Now, police have taken a suspect into custody who they believe was involved in the Inkster shooting, according to news reports at

Other than the two-year-old victim, a 34-year-old man and 12-year-old girl were shot as the three sat on the porch at the home. Michigan State Police told the Associated Press that a single shooter was involved, although eyewitnesses have provided different accounts of whether the suspect left the scene of the crime on foot, got into a waiting car, or fled in a van after firing the gun at the victims. The 12-year-old girl was said to be in critical condition, and the man in stable condition.

On Wednesday July 2, police discovered that the shooting was in retaliation for an incident that occurred in April at an after hours club near the high school. They have taken in a suspect after speaking with the man, who was the two-year-old victim’s father. While the suspect was not named in news reports, he was located at his girlfriend’s home in Brownstown Township and taken into custody. Police are also now seeking a second suspect in the incident.

Michigan criminal defense attorneys would agree that the suspect, who thus far has not been identified, will face serious charges in this case, probably murder or homicide charges. Depending on whether the suspect pleads guilty or goes to trial, he could face up to life in prison if convicted by a jury. In cases where a person is charged with open murder, the jury will decide whether the offender will be charged with first- or second-degree murder.

All homicide charges are extremely serious, and will leave the offender facing a substantial number of years to life in prison if convicted. First-degree murder, the most serious of all charges, will result in life in prison. Second-degree murder (murder that is not premeditated or committed in conjunction with other crimes such as larceny, kidnapping, home invasion, robbery, and other offenses) will result in a prison term of any number of years to life.

Ultimately, any person who is arrested or charged with a homicide or murder offense must consult with a capable and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney to achieve the best possible outcome. Even those who are accused of the most violent and heinous crimes do not necessarily face the harshest punishment. There are many factors and legal options which often make it possible to secure positive results.

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