Wisconsin Woman Arrested for Drunken Driving for a Fourth Time in Restaurant Drive-Through

On Friday, April 24, a 37-year-old Milton woman was arrested on a charge of fourth-offense drunken driving while at a restaurant drive-through window, according to a recent article at the Gazette Extra. The woman, Sara A. Henning, drove through a drive-through at Taco Bell two times when an employee suspected she was under the influence of alcohol. Police received a tip at approximately 1 a.m., and responded to the scene.

Upon their arrival, officers found the woman in the Taco Bell drive-through area located at 1619 Milton Ave. They claimed to have smelled the odor of alcohol, and administered a breath test which revealed a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.27, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent. According to a news release, Hennings admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel.

Henning was arrested on suspicion of fourth-offense drunken driving after refusing to submit to field sobriety tests. According to the article, she was not permitted to drive with a BAC of greater than 0.02, because of three prior convictions found for drunken driving more than five years ago after checking her driver’s license.

A fourth DUI offense in the state of Michigan is considered a felony; therefore, the penalties if convicted are extremely serious. Under Michigan law, those found guilty of a fourth DUI will spend a minimum of 30 days in jail. The maximum prison term is five years, however other punishment will include fines of up to $5,000, community service, vehicle immobilization, attendance of an alcohol program ordered by the court, and driver’s license revocation. For many, having their driver’s license revoked is the worst, as having their license restored after the revocation term has passed requires requesting and going through a DAAD hearing. Even then, there is no guarantee of license reinstatement.

Any DUI arrest should be taken seriously, as it is a criminal offense that can leave you with a criminal record and tarnished reputation, and impact your freedom, employment, and other areas of your life. If you have been arrested on charges of driving under the influence, consult with a skilled Michigan DUI attorney immediately so the damage can be minimized as much as possible and your freedom protected.

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