Walled Lake Man Charged with Murder of Neighbor Whose Body was Found in a Closet on Mother’s Day

On Tuesday May 13, 21-year-old Alex Adamowicz was arraigned on a charge of open murder in the killing of a man who was found in Adamowicz’s closet by his mother on Mother’s Day and who is believed to be the body of 51-year-old John Watson, a neighbor.  The body has not been positively identified, however authorities believe it is Watson’s body and are waiting for fingerprints.  The body was badly decomposed and believed to have been in the closet for at least two weeks, according to a news article at the Detroit Free Press.

Adamowicz and Watson lived in the same apartment complex, Tivoli Apartments on West Maple Road.  Adamowicz claims that the two become involved in a verbal argument that escalated to physical violence, and a knife being involved. The argument allegedly began over Watson’s loud music.  Watson’s wrists were cut; he was also stabbed in the neck.  The defendant claims that a baseball bat was also used by both men during the physical altercation.

On Mother’s Day the defendant’s mother discovered the body in a closet, and took Adamowicz to authorities with a written confession.  Police went to the apartment, whether they found a badly decomposing body reportedly wrapped in cellophane and blankets.  Adamowicz had also been using spray deodorizers and cat litter deodorizer powder to mask the smell of the victim’s body.

Adamowicz had not prior criminal record other than an arrest for drunken driving in April; he is being held without bond.

It is always tragic when someone’s life is taken in the course of a heated argument.  Now, a young man who is only 21 years old may spend the rest of his life in prison, depending on whether he goes to trial, pleads to the charge, or how effective his criminal defense attorney is in defending him.  In any event, the criminal penalties will certainly be harsh if the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty at trial.

A highly experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer would examine this case from every possible angle.  News reports indicate that Watson was in the defendant’s apartment when the argument broke out.  Could Adamowicz have been defending himself, then hid the body out of fear?  Accidentally killing another person would certainly make most people anxious and frightened, to say the least.

Anyone who is accused of a violent or serious crime should contact a capable and aggressive criminal defense attorney immediately.  There are many legal options; being arrested or even charged with a crime such as murder does not mean that you will be convicted.  Take action in your own defense by consulting with an attorney.

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