The Risks of Not Having an Attorney When Appealing Suspension of Your Driver’s License

Individuals who have had their driver’s license suspended due to multiple DUIs often choose to appeal without the assistance of an experienced Michigan driver’s license restoration attorney. Unfortunately, this can leave you in a bigger mess than you were to begin with. We have consulted with many clients who, had they obtained our help, would likely have won back their privilege to drive.

Why do those who have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked choose to appeal with the DLAD on their own? Often times it is simply a case of not understanding how complex the process is. An individual may assume that the procedure is simple and straightforward, and that after they have waited the required year to appeal the hearing officer will simply restore his or her license. This is NOT the case; in fact, appealing the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license is complex, and even unmanageable for those who decide not to secure the services of a skilled lawyer.

Those who have had their license suspended and who choose to “go it alone” when appealing to the DLAD often make both procedural and substantive mistakes. There are strict procedural guidelines put in place by the DLAD for filing an appeal. By missing a deadline, incorrectly filing out background letters or documents, or filing the incorrect document, the odds are your appeal will not be won. This results in a total waste of time and effort – and you will have to wait an entire year before appealing again.

Ultimately, it is critical to obtain a highly experienced and qualified Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney when considering an appeal. Your lawyer will examine all of the facts of your case to ensure mistakes are avoided, and that all documents are correctly completed and filed in a timely manner. You only have one opportunity in a year’s time to do it right, so don’t take unnecessary risks!

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