Grand Rapids Man Accused of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend Faces Felony Attempted Murder Charge

On Wednesday November 20, 22-year-old Adam Andrew Phillips waived his probable cause hearing after being accused of attempted murder in the beating death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, according to news reports at

Phillips allegedly beat 18-year-old Elizabeth Batchelder, his ex-girlfriend, into a coma. Phillips’ adopted grandfather, Clifford Mead, claimed in court that he lived with Phillips and the victim at a home on Sweet Street, the address where the alleged assault took place. Mead testified that the couple had been arguing on the day the alleged assault occurred, and that later in the day he saw Batchelder covered in blood after he heard screaming. Mead also claimed that the victim was gasping for air. He also claimed prior to the break-up, the couple had been involved in domestic disputes, some violent. The defendant was convicted on domestic violence charges in April of 2012.

Phillips’ grandfather said that he “just blew up.” He suspects that the violent incident was caused when the defendant found photos on his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone. She suffered a coma caused by a fracture to her skull, according to police; Batchelder is three months pregnant. Police and rescue workers responded to the scene at approximately 7 p.m. according to police Lt. Pat Merrill, who said a neighbor heard Batchelder’s screams. She had suffered blunt force trauma injuries to her head and face.

The defendant had left the residence before police arrived, however they located him the next day and took him into custody. He is charged with attempted murder.

Attempted murder is a very serious charge in the state of Michigan; if convicted, Phillips could face up to life in prison. While it seems apparent the defendant has anger issues, it is still unfortunate that any 22-year-old individual may face a lifetime behind bars.

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