Tennessee Man Charged with Armed Robbery and Murder of Jackson Bar Owner Nearly 40 Years After the Fact

A Nashville, TN man, 65-year-old George Edward Alexander, was recently charged in the death of a Jackson bar owner nearly 40 years ago. Alexander is now incarcerated in the Jackson County Jail awaiting a November 26 preliminary exam on charges of armed robbery and first-degree murder in the September 1975 shooting death of Edward Stankiewicz.

Alexander was extradited from Tennessee on October 15 and arraigned by the county magistrate, according to a news article at Mlive.com. The nearly 40 year old case had grown cold, although Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka said he did not know why. Jarzynka praised investigators Duaine Pittman and Nathan Gross for their diligent efforts in bringing about Alexander’s arrest. Because the evidence against the defendant has not yet been presented in court, Jarzynka would not reveal how the charges against Alexander came about.

In September of 1975, the victim was gunned down outside a bar on Michigan Avenue, then known as the Pink Elephant Bar. He was allegedly shot in the head and neck area, and died at a hospital emergency room. Authorities say that Stankiewicz was robbed of a briefcase containing about $700, the night’s receipts from the bar before being ambushed with a shotgun. Businessmen in the area at the time claim the victim had problems with gang members frequenting the bar, and that he was frequently threatened according to a 1975 story published in the Citizen Patriot.

Alexander lived in Jackson at the time of the alleged crime, and has served prison time for delivery of heroin and larceny from a person.

If convicted of first-degree murder Alexander will likely face life in prison, the maximum punishment in Michigan. Both armed robbery and murder are extremely serious crimes, leaving those accused facing the potential loss of their freedom forever.

When an individual is arrested or charged with any violent or serious criminal offense including murder, armed robbery, carjacking, or assault, it is critical to the accused individual’s reputation and freedom to consult with a seasoned Michigan criminal defense attorney at once. Taking action in the early stages is vital to securing positive results.

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