Sibling Fight Ends in Murder Charges for Dearborn Man

On Monday, July 28, 23-year-old Rajeh Elmawri of Dearborn was charged with torture and first-degree murder in the death of his sister, 30-year-old Asyh Elmawri. 

According to news reports at, the brother and sister became involved in an argument that turned deadly. Rajeh Elmawri allegedly strangled his sister on Saturday afternoon at a family home located in the 7500 block of Bingham, and stabbed her numerous times. Dearborn police Chief Ronald Haddad described the incident as a “domestic violence incident that escalated.”

Elmawri family members called 911 to report the argument. When police arrived on the scene, they found Asyh Elmawri’s lifeless body inside the home.

The defendant was arraigned on the charges on Monday before District Judge Sam Salamey who ordered Elmawri jailed on a $1 million bond. His probable cause hearing is scheduled for August 8. A defense attorney will be appointed by the court, according to the Washington Times.

First-degree murder is a very serious charge, and leaves the defendant facing life-changing consequences. The maximum punishment for someone found guilty of this crime is life in prison. Given that the defendant in this case was involved in a domestic dispute with his sister, could he have been acting in self defense? The case remains under investigation, so perhaps a motive or other facts surrounding the case may come to light in the coming days and weeks.

Even for those charged with the most serious crimes including murder, there are often several legal options other than going to trial. A dedicated and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney will carefully review the client’s case to determine what legal strategy would be most beneficial for the client. Regardless of how dire the situation may seem, it is critical that anyone charged with a crime that could result in a substantial number of years or even life behind bars consult with a capable defense lawyer.

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