Roseville Man Faces Four Years in Prison After Pulling Gun on Paramedics

On Friday January 17, 50-year-old Steven DeKane of Roseville allegedly aimed a .25-caliber handgun at paramedics who had arrived at his apartment to help him; DeKane was said to have been intoxicated, according to news reports at

Paramedics arrived at DeKane’s apartment, located in the 30000 block of Sandhurst at approximately 11:30 a.m. His sister had contacted authorities after DeKane called her, telling her that he had fallen and was injured. When paramedics arrived at the scene the door was closed and they could get no answer after repeatedly trying to get someone inside to come to the door, which was not locked. Paramedics entered the apartment after announcing their presence and were met with a “highly” intoxicated DeKane, who they allege pointed the handgun at them and just stared as they tried to communicate with him.

Police were called by paramedics after they retreated from the apartment. Upon their arrival, DeKane was said to be uncooperative even though police had convinced him to put down the gun. A release issued by police stated that the suspect had to be forcibly taken into custody. As of the time of news reports, DeKane was in custody pending payment of a $7,500 bond.

He has been charged with brandishing a firearm and assault with a dangerous weapon.

In Michigan, assault with a dangerous weapon (felonious assault) is a very serious criminal charge. While DeKane no doubt regrets his actions now and the fact that his high level of intoxication likely led to the altercation, it is extremely serious when an individual pulls a gun on medical personnel. If DeKane pleads not guilty to the charges and goes to trial, prosecutors will be vigorous in their efforts to convict him. If convicted, the criminal penalties include fines of up to $2,000 and up to four years in prison according to Michigan Penal Code 750.82.

Anyone who has been accused of a serious or violent crime must contact an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney right away. Those who are arrested and charged do not always go to trial; in some cases, pleading no contest or guilty is preferable in terms of obtaining a lighter sentence. The proper action depends on certain factors including whether you are innocent, the strength of the evidence, and more. Protect your freedom by speaking with a defense lawyer immediately.

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