Orion Township Woman Believed to Be Partially Responsible for 200% Increase in Home Invasions

Tonya D. Sieversten, a 36-year-old Orion Township resident, was arraigned on September 10th on two counts of home invasion. Oakland County Sheriff’s investigators believe she may be responsible for many other home invasions which haven taken place recently in Independence and Orion Townships, as well as Rochester Hills.

Police claim in news reports that Sieversten has confessed to 7 incidents, but believe she may be connected to three others. Alleged victims keep coming forward to identify property stolen from their homes, according to Lt. Dan Toth, Oakland County Orion Township Substation Commander. Toth said that about half of the recovered property has been identified with the 10 crimes the department knows about, and that so far this year home invasions in Orion Township are up about 200%, believed to be largely due to Sieversten.

News reports stated that sheriff’s officials believe the suspect will be connected to other home invasions because of the large amount of stolen property they have recovered from her vehicle, home and a rented storage unit.

On September 7, deputies were investigating an alleged home invasion when they identified a possible suspect. Upon stopping Sieversten’s vehicle, they discovered valuables which included jewelry. It was after this discovery that Sheriff’s Department deputies found property at the rented storage unit and the suspect’s home.

Sieversten is now lodged at the Oakland County Jail according to news reports. A $25,000 cash bond was set by a 52-3 District Court Magistrate following Sieversten’s arraignment.

Michigan home invasion attorneys understand that individuals who are convicted on charges of home invasion, breaking and entering, robbery and other theft/property crimes may face serious and life-altering penalties. Depending on the circumstances and whether the accused is charged with first, second, or third degree home invasion, he or she may face fines of up to $5,000 and as many as 20 years in prison.

If you have been arrested for home invasion or any theft related offense, it is imperative that you consult with an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your freedom.

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