Driving Against All Odds: Revoked or Suspended Driver’s License in Michigan and the Impact of Being Caught

As Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorneys, we know that the majority of individuals who have had their driver’s license suspended will drive at some point, usually out of necessity. You get behind the wheel, tell yourself everything will be okay as long as you obey the speed limit and other traffic rules. It’s understandable in certain situations, such as when there is an emergency, you have no alternative way to get to work, etc. However, when you’re caught, the consequences are serious.

Most people assume that having their driver’s license revoked is more serious than having it suspended, and it is. Revocation generally occurs when you have been arrested, for instance, on multiple DUI charges. Your license may be suspended for failing to appear in court, a single DUI or unpaid tickets. However, if your license has already been suspended or revoked and you are caught driving, the punishment will be the same, as these offenses violate the same rule of law.

When you drive knowing that your license is not valid, you realize you’re taking a risk but hope you will not get caught. What happens when you’re headed toward your destination and see the dreaded flashing lights coming up behind you? Most likely, you try quickly to come up with a valid reason, such as you are on your way to work. It wouldn’t be very impressive to the police officer if you were to tell him/her you were on your way to a friend’s house or worse yet, a bar.

Ultimately, what may happen if you are driving against all odds, and get caught driving on a suspended or revoked license? If it is your first offense, you may face up to 93 days in jail, a fine of up to $500, 2 points added to your driving record and a driver responsibility fee of $500 that will apply for two years. With a second offense, your vehicle will be immobilized for 180 days, you could spend 1 year in jail and be fined as much as $1,000, plus the driving record points and drivers responsibility fee mentioned above. As you can see, the penalties are harsh.

If you have been charged with DWLS or DWLR it is critical that you consult with an experienced Michigan driver’s license lawyer right away. Your attorney will review your case to determine if there may be a plausible defense that could ultimately result in the charges against you being dismissed or reduced.

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