Ohio Man Faces Murder and Assault Charges in Deaths of Two Michigan Sisters

A shooting that occurred on Friday evening, July 13th, left two sisters dead and their mother wounded. Now, 38-year-old Ohio resident Thomas Fritz faces charges of assault and murder once he is apprehended. The shooting took place in Blissfield in southeast Michigan. Fritz allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend, her sister and her mother.

The victims were identified as Lisa Gritzmaker, 24, Amy Merrill, 33, and Robin Lynn McCowan, 52. One of the victims made a 911 call which led police to a home where the women were found. As of this writing, police were still in pursuit of Fritz, who is thought to be driving a burgundy colored Honda four-door vehicle. He is considered by police to be armed and dangerous.

Fritz is a registered sex offender, convicted in April 2006 on one count of sexual battery for which he was sentenced to one year in state prison. According to Michigan State Police Lt. Sean Furlong, the relationship between Amy Merrill and Fritz had ended within the three weeks prior to the murders.

An annual summer festival held in the small farming community of Blissfield had just come to an end when authorities received the 911 call. While living in Michigan with Amy Merrill, Fritz had used a different name according to police, which was likely due to his Ohio probation.

Murder is an extremely serious criminal offense, one that results in severe punishment when the accused is convicted. It is critical that those charged with murder consult with an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer right away to discuss the most effective plan of action.

Depending upon the charges, those convicted of murder could spend life in prison without the possibility of parole, or even face the death sentence. Regardless of your innocence or guilty, if you have been arrested for murder you must have a capable attorney who will fight vigorously for your freedom.

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