Judge Throws Out Lansing Case Involving Slashing of Ex’s Boyfriend

A Lansing man was charged in June of this year with assault with intent to murder and first-degree home invasion. 34-year-old Jason Desjardins was accused of allegedly slashing the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, but according to court records Lansing District Judge Charles Filice has now dismissed the case.

Michigan violent crimes attorneys know that being convicted on charges of assault with intent to murder carries serious penalties. The convicted individual may face a sentence of life in prison. If the accused had been convicted on the home invasion charge, he may have been imprisoned for as long as 20 years.

It all began on June 21st around 3:30 a.m. when police were called to a residence in the 300 block of South Holmes Street after the caller reported a stabbing. When Lansing police arrived on the scene, they witnessed a man running from the perimeter of the home. That man was Desjardins, who police found shortly thereafter hiding under a vehicle approximately a block away.

According to the victim, Desjardins came to the home because he wanted to speak with his ex-girlfriend. Police said that when the victim opened the door, he was slashed immediately. Police also recovered the weapon used to slash the victim, but would not disclose what the weapon was.

The victim, a 27-year-old Lansing man, spoke with police at the time of the incident. Living at the residence with his girlfriend, police described the injuries as deep lacerations. He was treated for injuries which were not considered life threatening at a local hospital.

According to court records, prosecutors in the case made a motion to dismiss the charges.

Although reports did not reveal why prosecutors decided to drop the charges against Desjardins, it is likely due to the fact that penalties for a conviction are so harsh, and the victim did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

Michigan criminal defense lawyers know that all too often, young people such as the 27-year-old defendant in this case make mistakes out of passion or jealousy. However, the penalties for a conviction are extremely harsh, literally ruining the accused individual’s life and any chance to become a productive citizen.

If you or a loved one have been arrested for assault with intent to murder or any criminal offense, contact a talented attorney right away, who will begin work on your case immediately.

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