Why You Need an Attorney if Your Driver’s License Has Been Revoked in Michigan

While having your driver’s license suspended for one or more DUI’s is serious, having your license revoked is much more serious. In Michigan, an individual who is convicted of driving under the influence on multiple occasions within a specific time period may face license revocation. When this happens, the process of getting your driving privilege restored is a long and laborious road. It is critical you obtain the legal guidance of a skilled Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney to ensure you have the best chance for success. 

Certain conditions must be proved to hearing officers with the DAAD, or Driver Assessment and Appeal Division. One of the most important things you must prove is that you have been sober for at least one year. There are several documents used to support your claims of sobriety, including letters written on your behalf (community proofs), a Substance Abuse Evaluation, and more. There is also a drug test that must be passed before hearing officers will even consider restoring your license. An experienced lawyer will guide you through the process to ensure you have all of the documentation, that it is properly formed, and that everything is in order so that you have the best opportunity for having your license restored.

With success, you will likely be granted a restricted license. This license will allow you to drive for specific reasons, or during certain times of day. A restricted license allows you to drive to and from work or school, to alcohol/drug counseling or rehabilitation, etc. In addition, it is often required that the person have an ignition interlock device installed for one year. After that time period, if you have complied with all rules regarding restricted driving, you will likely be given full driving privileges again.

No one fully realizes the importance of having the privilege to drive until that privilege is taken away. Without the ability to drive, your entire life changes – and you often have to depend on others to take you to work, school, even to doctor’s appointments or to buy groceries. If your license has been suspended or revoked, consult with a skilled and capable Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney who will work vigorously on your behalf.

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