Deadly Wrong-way Crash Near Grand Rapids Caused by Drunk Driver According to MSP

On Sunday morning September 14, one person was killed in a deadly wrong-way crash on I-96, according to Wood TV. The accident occurred at about 3 in the morning when a woman driving a minivan was going east in the westbound lanes of the interstate. Although the woman’s name was not released, police say she is from Grand Rapids and in her 40s. The only person in the vehicle she struck was killed.

Michigan State Police claim that the woman was drunk; she was also injured in the crash and pulled from her vehicle by another motorist who stopped at the scene of the crash, according to Sgt. Brian Keely. After the impact, both vehicles caught on fire. Her condition was not known as of last news reports.

According to Fox 17, this was the seventh wrong-way crash on west Michigan highways this year. Michigan State Police find this “trend” both disturbing and troubling, and don’t really know why there have been so many wrong-way accidents. In this case, it is likely the fact that the unnamed woman was intoxicated that resulted in her driving in the wrong direction on the interstate.

News reports do not indicate what charges the woman may face if she lives, however Michigan DUI attorneys know that driving under the influence causing death is extremely serious. If charged with OUIL (operating under the influence of liquor) causing death, the woman may face criminal penalties that include up to 15 years in prison.

Even when no accident occurs, DUI is a serious charge. Even first-time offenders may face jail time, steep fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, and more. A subsequent offense will result in even harsher penalties. A third DUI is a felony offense, and will result in increased jail time, license revocation, vehicle immobilization, and other penalties.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, your top priority should be speaking with a capable and aggressive Michigan DUI defense lawyer who will work to protect your freedom and legal rights.

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