Milford Duo Arrested in Connection with Burglary of Home

Two Milford men, James Golding and Jason Weeks, have recently been arrested after they were observed breaking into a home in Milford Township by members of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office FAT (Fugitive Apprehension Team). Authorities suspect the duo is responsible of at least one other burglary.

A joint investigation between the Milford and White Lake Township Police Departments and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrests; each of the men were charged with receiving and concealing stolen property, and second-degree home invasion, both felony offenses. The men, who are both 38 years old, could spend up to 20 years in prison.

Investigators had learned that Golding and Weeks had been pawning substantial amounts of jewelry recently; members of FAT then set up surveillance to watch the two men, who they suspected had broken into a home in White Lake Township. The team then later observed Golding and Weeks commit home invasion in Milford Township. The two are currently being held at the Oakland County Jail. Bond was set at $25,000 each at the arraignment hearing.

Individuals who are arrested for breaking and entering must consult with an experienced Michigan home invasion lawyer right away. Defending someone against these types of charges under Michigan law is not easy; you must have an attorney who is capable of protecting your reputation and keeping you out of jail. Even when having charges dismissed is not an option, a competent lawyer will work to have the charge reduced and seek out alternative sentencing options that are less harsh.

Not only does the crime of breaking and entering incur substantial prison time for those convicted, individuals also face steep fines and a criminal record that will negatively impact their lives forever. Talented Michigan criminal defense attorneys know how police and prosecutors work, and how to successfully defend their clients against harsh penalties. Call an attorney as soon as you are arrested, or even if suspect you are under investigation. The sooner your lawyer can begin work on your case, the better outcome you can expect.

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