In Michigan, Losing Your License is Like Losing Your Way – Can You Get it Back?

OWI, DUI and other drunk driving offenses are extremely common in Detroit, Grand Rapids and other areas in Michigan, and police crack down hard on individuals who get behind the wheel in what they believe to be an inebriated state. If you are convicted on a charge of operating while intoxicated, you will face serious penalties which may include jail time and fines. However, possibly the worst penalty of all is losing your driving privileges.

We are a society that thinks nothing of hopping in the car at a moment’s notice when we need to run to the store, to get a bite to eat, or go visit a friend. Driving is a necessity for going to work, shopping, taking the kids to school – it’s in the fabric of our daily lives. When your driver’s license is suspended because of drunk or reckless driving, it can be devastating. This is particularly true if driving is part of your job. Can you get your driver’s license back after it has been suspended or revoked? It depends, but often the answer is “yes.”

Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys know that having your license revoked is a bit more serious than having it suspended. When a license is suspended, there is a usually a specific window of time in which the license will remain suspended such as 30 days, followed by a restriction of 150 days. When an individual is found to have a BAC of .17 or higher while operating a vehicle, their driver’s license may be suspended for one year, if that individual does not consult with an attorney who can help him or her obtain a restricted license.

License suspension is bad enough, however when your driver’s license is revoked, regaining your driving privileges can be a tough challenge. The steps required to get your license back once the minimum revocation period has expired are complex, which is why it is important to obtain the services of an experienced lawyer. You will need to make a request to have your license reinstated to the Secretary of State’s office, which requires a DLAD hearing. Additionally, you must provide proof that you are no longer a risk in terms of drinking and driving; much like a court action for other criminal offenses, you will have to argue your case and produce evidence to satisfy examiners that you will not repeat your mistakes. Even after all of this, there is no guarantee that your license will be reinstated.

It is definitely not a good idea to attempt to have your driver’s license restored on your own. Whether in the early stages of your DUI or OWI case, or after your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked, a talented Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyer will help, giving you the best chance to get your license back.

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