Michigan State Trooper Shot While in Pursuit of Suspected Armed Robbers, Expected to Recover

On Monday February 11, a 12-year veteran of the Michigan State Police was shot in the leg while in pursuit of individuals suspected in armed robberies which have occurred on Detroit’s east side recently. The trooper, who was unnamed in news reports, was taken to an area hospital where he is expected to fully recover, according to Lt. Mike Shaw.

Many homes in the Detroit area are vacant, presenting a real danger as troopers searched the area in pursuit of two suspects who had fled following a traffic stop. The suspects were wanted in connection with several armed robberies which had occurred over the weekend. According to news reports at the Detroit Free Press, the suspects were impersonating police during the commission of the robberies.

Lt. Shaw told news sources that Michigan State Police officers were alerted by Detroit police investigators to stop a vehicle which was suspected in connection with the robberies. M.S.P. stopped the vehicle in the area of Townsend and Gratiot just before 4 a.m. Upon the stop, four suspects fled on foot down Townsend, leaving police searching the abandoned homes in the area to locate the suspects. This is when the shooting occurred, leaving the trooper with a leg injury.

Two suspects were arrested immediately following the shooting, however the other two suspects had not been located at the time news reports were released.

Michigan armed robbery attorneys understand the serious consequences individuals who are convicted of armed robbery face. At a minimum, you will face two years in prison; however, when force or violence is used, property or money stolen and a weapon is present or even insinuated, you may spend 15 years to life behind bars. The additional crime of shooting a police officer will no doubt result in even harsher penalties if the suspects in this incident are convicted of the crimes they are accused of.

If you have been arrested for armed robbery or any criminal offense, consult with an aggressive and dedicated Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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