Flint Man to Stand Trial in Lansing on Charges of Open Murder in Death of Swartz Creek Woman

In December of 2012, 19-year-old Derrick Martin allegedly killed 22-year-old Schnee Hyon Sin, a Schwartz Creek resident. Martin’s cousin, Devin Allen Scott Wilson, believed that Martin was taking him to eat breakfast at McDonald’s; instead, Martin took him to see the body of Sin, who he said he had hurt according to Wilson’s testimony in Lansing District Court on Friday February 8. Martin has been charged with open murder, felony firearm, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

On December 8, the victim’s body was found near Crego Park in the Red Cedar River. While it was not known if Martin and Sin had any kind of relationship, authorities said Sin died of a gunshot wound. Wilson testified that his cousin had shown him a gun which matched the description authorities gave of the weapon involved in the crime. Initially, Wilson did not tell authorities that he had seen the gun, saying he was scared of the situation and that he had a panic attack.

Kyle Oben, a 21-year-old Flint resident and friend of Martin’s, said that the two hung out together playing video games and smoking marijuana in the early morning hours the day of the murder. Oben also said that Martin showed him a gun matching the murder weapon’s description; he also testified that he took the gun out from under a pillow while Martin was asleep, because “something didn’t feel right.” Later, Oben and Martin had an altercation that ended in gunfire, although news reports do not state that either was injured.

Oben said at the hearing, “I wouldn’t call us friends – he used to get me in trouble.” Scott Mertens, Martin’s defense attorney, said that Oben and Wilson both made statements during testimony that did not match what they had initially told police, and that he believed both Wilson’s cousin and friend were “flat-out lying.” Martin claims he is innocent.

As experienced Michigan murder defense attorneys, we understand that without capable legal representation individuals who face murder charges will be subject to serious criminal penalties if convicted, including lengthy prison terms (and possibly even life). It is essential that those who have been arrested for open murder, first- or second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter or any serious crime consult with a seasoned Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your freedom and future.

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