Michigan Semi-Truck Driver has CDL Suspended Following Fatal Crash

In June of 2013, Tracy Ferrell was convicted of reckless driving for a 2012 incident in which he was charged with DUI after driving into a light pole and mailbox in Pennsylvania. Ferrell held a Michigan CDL (commercial drivers license) at the time. However, the information regarding the reckless driving convicted was not added to his driving record according to a news report at ABC 6 On Your Side, which claims that it is the responsibility of the Pennsylvania Transportation Department to report the conviction to Michigan. Therefore, Ferrell’s CDL was not suspended at the time.

On September 11 of this year, Ferrell was involved in a crash in Ohio that resulted in the death of Amy Schneider, and injury of two others. Following the incident, his commercial driver’s license was suspended. Ferrell allegedly slammed into three vehicles on US-23, and was accused of attempting to hide his sleep schedule and driving log. Now, Amy Schneider’s surviving family members are calling for new regulations designed to commercial truck drivers who are “unsafe” off the roadways.

As of the most recent news reports, police were waiting on results of toxicology reports to determine whether charges will be filed against Ferrell.

Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys realize that besides having his CDL license suspended, Ferrell may face serious charges if it is determined he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the fatal accident occurred. If charged with OUIL, UBAL, of OWI causing death or serious injury, he may face penalties which include fines of up to $10,000 and up to 15 years in jail. News reports do not indicate whether law enforcement suspect he was under the influence of any illegal substance when the crash took place.

While it is certainly true that some commercial drivers have no business operating massive semi-trucks and tractor-trailer rigs, others are often the victims of unfortunate circumstances. Having your CDL suspended or revoked when driving is the source of your livelihood can be devastating.

Individuals who possess a commercial driver’s license and who have had their license suspended due to traffic infractions, speeding, or DUI should consult with an experienced Michigan drivers license reinstatement lawyer to determine whether it may be possible to have your CDL license restored.

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