Michigan Law Enforcement Coordinating Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign for Labor Day Holiday

Michigan law enforcement officials are preparing for the Labor Day holiday period by sending the message “Buckle Up and Drive Sober” to motorists in an effort to crack down on drunk drivers through the holiday.

Local and state law enforcement agencies will coordinate with the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning on the campaign, which will begin tomorrow, August 16 and run through Labor Day, Monday, September 2. Funding was administered to Saginaw and Genesee counties among 24 others; a total of 155 agencies received funding to assist with the crack down on seat belt violators.

Michigan law enforcement officials want motorists to know that the penalties for a first-time drunk driving offense are serious, and to take care over the holiday weekend. Penalties for a first-offense include up to 93 days in jail, a $500 fine, and driver’s license suspension of up to 180 days, along with other possible penalties. It is illegal for motorists age 21 and older to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.08 or higher. Additionally, motorists may be arrested if law enforcement suspects and individual is impaired regardless of the BAC level.

Authorities also want to stress the importance of buckling up, and placing young children in a booster or car seat. Fines for a seat belt violation are $65.

Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyers know the difficulties individuals face when their license is suspended. While the other penalties related to a DUI offense are serious, not having the privilege to drive can severely impact your ability to live a normal life. It is easy to take this privilege for granted; when you can no longer drive to work, school, to run errands, or attend doctor appointments, you realize just how essential the privilege truly is.

If your license has been suspended due to DUI, a drug offense, reckless driving, or for any reason, consult with a trusted Michigan drivers license restoration attorney who will fight hard to get you back on the road.

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