Dogs, and Cats, and Gorillas! Oh, My!

Did you know that attorneys are also pet lovers? Some of us even have our dog join us at our office. Here’s a list of attorneys and their beloved pets, friends and coworkers:

 Pluto from Tina Willis of Tina Willis Law
Pluto is the undisputed King of attorney Tina Willis’ heart.  Tina apologizes to all other pet owners for her conclusion that he is the greatest animal ever to grace planet Earth (okay, at least in her eyes).

From the moment she picked him up in the grocery store parking lot (after chasing him back and forth between parked cars and bank shrubs for about an hour), he melted in her arms, slept on her head for about a week, and has been intensely loyal and loving ever since.

He tries to jump on higher objects to get closer to her chest as she walks around the house, insists on being picked up morning and night and receiving a lengthy massage every time, nuzzles her face several times per day, sleeps on her for a couple of hours every night, and gets really jealous anytime her husband comes anywhere near her, at which point he will jump in between if he has the chance.

He also loves to run around the yard, lay in his outdoor cat house, chase and play with toys, wrestle his best cat friend Razzle, and dream of the birds and lizards that mesmerize him out the window.

Best of all, he is just really loving, very attentive, very generous with his loving behavior, and overall one of the coolest cats to ever live!






Destiny from James Novak of The Law Office of James Novak, PLLC

James says “Here’s my 5 year old Siberian Husky “Destiny”.  She thinks she’s still a puppy.  In the first picture I threw the ball up in the air and snapped the photo.  In the second photo, she’s sporting her “doggls”.  She is light sensitive, so when we go for rides, she likes to wear her doggles. She loves and running, and always has to be in the lead, and playing catch with small tennis balls that squeak. She always wants to be the center of attention. ”


Marley (far left) and Wendell (far right) from Steven Sweat of Glotzer & Sweat LLP

Steven says “Wendell is a 6 year old German Shepherd Mutt and Marley is a 2 month old Australian Shepherd Mutt.”

Chloe from Albert Krawczyk of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission

Albert says “Chloe will be 12 in 4 weeks.”







Rio, Belle & Sheba from Tim Stanley of Justia, Inc.





Clyde D. Puggles from Luke Ciciliano of SEO for Lawyers

You can follow Mr. Puggles on Facebook here.





Bonnie from Wm Burt Burleson of The Law Office of Wm Burt Burleson








Mogwai and Rufus from Syeda Davidson of Burgess & Sharp, PLLC





















Emmie (top left), Eddie (top right), Little Momma (middle left), Chloe (middle right) and Benny (far left) from William Hackett of Grabel & Associates







Chatterly from Catherine Battista of Argento & Battista, LLC

Ben from Nicholas Leydorf of The Leydorf Law Firm and Grabel & Associates

Nick says “Ben is our Border Collie. He’s pretty smart and also does our income tax preparation!”







Joey from Renee Wagenaar of WN Law, PLLC









AnnaBelle from Beverly Michaelis of Oregon Law Practice Management








Finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without including my friend and co-worker Waldo J. Pepper and my (yet unnamed) fish.


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