Lansing Man Sentenced in Federal Court as a Result of Crackdown on Drug Activity in Northwest Lansing

In January, we wrote about a crackdown on drug activity and violent crime in the northwest Lansing area. The alleged activity was being investigated by the ATF and Lansing police; in all, 19 individuals were arrested for various federal drug and firearm offenses. Now, 24-year-old Merza Mizori has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for crack cocaine distribution after being found guilty of distributing more than 28 grams of the Schedule 2 drug.

Lansing Police Chief Michael Yankowski said in an announcement that since the arrest of the group in the Mount Vernon area in January of this year, a departmental crime analysis demonstrated there had been an 80% decrease in calls for police service to the area. Yankowski said in a January news article that he believed the 19 arrested in the sweep of the area were responsible for a large percentage of Lansing’s crime over the past two years.

Once released from prison, Mizori will face five additional years of supervised release according to news reports.

A press release issued by U.S. Attorney Patrick A. Miles office states that Serwan Mizori, Merza Mizori’s brother, was sentenced to 20 years in prison and five years’ supervised release.

In all, ten of the 19 individuals involved were indicted at the federal level, nine were indicted at the state level. Merza Mizori’s street name is “Money Merz,” according to a news article at the Lansing State Journal. Officials began investigating the group in 2010, following a heavy volume of reports related to gun violence and drug trafficking.

Michigan cracks down hard on drug offenders, particularly those suspected of trafficking or distributing illegal drugs and narcotics. Considering Mizori’s current age, he will be about 50 years old before he is released from prison.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a drug offense involving marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or other illicit substance, or even if you are under investigation, it is imperative to consult with a talented Michigan drug crime attorney who will work vigorously to protect you from a conviction and the resulting penalties.

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