Judges Can Be Wrong – Why You Should Consult With a Michigan Criminal Appeals Lawyer

There are countless instances in which criminal defendants in Michigan have been convicted of a crime when in fact they are innocent. In many cases, even someone who is guilty has been penalized far more harshly than necessary. This means that not only does the defendant suffer, his or her family does as well. Judges are not always right in their rulings. Whether you have been convicted on charges related to sex crimes, drunk driving, homicide, drug possession or any criminal offense, having a Michigan criminal appeals lawyer on your side can often result in having a guilty verdict reversed.

Why do these “mistakes” happen? Sometimes there are mistakes made by a defense lawyer in the process of defending his or her client at trial. Other times judges hand down punishment that is simply too harsh in comparison to the crime committed. Michigan criminal appellate attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in these matters, and can scrutinize a criminal case in order to determine if a basis may exist for having an inappropriate sentence reversed, or even a conviction overturned. Essentially, convicted defendants are given another opportunity to present their case in front of a higher court in the criminal appeals process; these courts include the Michigan Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The fact is, appealing a verdict or sentencing is a very common practice in criminal cases. However, it is essential that you choose a capable, experienced attorney who has dealt with these types of situations many times, as they are often complex in nature. Often times, a criminal appellate lawyer who is not familiar with your case can carefully analyze the situation, and potentially uncover details that were missed initially simply due to the fact that there is a “fresh” set of eyes perusing the information – and important details are often missed by those who are involved in a case from beginning to end, as it’s easy to get mired down in the details, and even complacent – which means inadvertently overlooking vital information.

If you have been wrongfully convicted or feel that the sentence give to you does not “fit” the crime, consult with a capable Michigan criminal appeals lawyer at once.

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