Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains Possibly Beneath Roseville Driveway

Recently, news reports have indicated that Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared from a Bloomfield Hills Township lunch meeting 37 years ago, may be buried beneath a Roseville driveway. According to Roseville Police Chief James Berlin, the department received information from an individual who claimed to see something. Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality decided to follow up on the tip, using radar to investigate a particular area below the driveway; an anomaly was detected and the department scheduled a return visit to collect a soil sample on September 28th.

After his disappearance in 1975, Hoffa’s whereabouts has remained one of the biggest mysteries of the 20th century. Over the decades, authorities have received hundreds of tips regarding what happened to Hoffa, but this one seemed credible according to Berlin. The informant believed a body was buried under the driveway of a residential home after he “saw something,” and that the body was that of Hoffa because it was during the time period that Hoffa disappeared. News reports claim that the driveway in question is located in the 18700 block of Florida.

Hoffa, who at the time was 62 years old, had gone to what was then the Machus Red Fox restaurant in order to reconcile with Anthony Provenzano (Tony Pro) and Anthony Giacalone (Tony Jack), two mobsters. Provenzano was a New Jersey Teamster official, Giacalone a Detroit mafia captain. Hoffa has never been seen again since that fateful July 30th of 1975.

Hoffa had been sentenced to 8 to 13 years in prison for conspiracy, fraud and jury tampering, and had served almost 5 years of that sentence when he disappeared. FBI authorities believed at the time that Hoffa’s body was incinerated of shredded after he had gotten into a vehicle driven by Chuckie O’Brien before being driven to the scene of his murder. O’Brien was Hoffa’s long-time protégé according to news reports.

No one has ever been charged in Hoffa’s disappearance, and police say that the homeowner who now lives at the home in question is being cooperative, but does not want to be interviewed. She has lived in the home for more than a decade.

Michigan criminal defense lawyers certainly find this a very compelling case. The mystery of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa has been one that has sparked interest and speculation for years.

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