James Wilder Jr., Former Florida State Running Back, Arrested for Driving on Suspended License

On Sunday April 13, former Florida State running back James Wilder Jr. was arrested on a bench warrant in connection with a citation he received in March in Tampa for driving with a suspended driver’s license with knowledge.  He was pulled over and arrested in Tampa just before 7:30 p.m. and released approximately five hours later after posting a $1,000 bond, according to a news article at Nolesports.com.

According to a report at the Tampa Bay Times, Wilder has been cited on driver’s license violations four times.  Wilder turned 22 years old on Monday.

On Monday, Wilder issued a statement saying that he was celebrating his birthday with family and friends, and that he hoped to prove that he was not only another year older, but another year wiser.  Wilder went on to say that he was arrested on a warrant for missing a court date, and that he had been training in California for the NFL Combine when his driver’s license was suspended in Florida.  Upon returning to Florida, Wilder said that his driver’s license was reinstated, however he did not appear for a mandatory court date.  Wilder apologized, saying there is “really no excuse for missing court dates.”

In the state of Michigan, an individual’s driver’s license suspension period may be extended when that individual is found to be driving on a suspended license.  While it is understandable that a person’s driver’s license would be suspended or revoked following a DUI arrest, drug charges, or reckless driving, we all make mistakes.  Driving is an essential aspect of our everyday lives.  Without the privilege to drive (and it is a privilege, not a right), you must rely on others to transport you back and forth to work, school, appointments, and for other purposes unless you are granted a restricted license.  Even with a restricted license, you may only drive to specific destinations or during certain times of the day/specific days of the week.  Individuals whose driver’s licenses have been suspended and who desire a restricted license before the suspension period lapses must apply to the state, and even then there is no guarantee a restricted license will be granted.

If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, it is required that you request a hearing with the DLAD (Driver’s License and Appeal Division).  This is a highly complex process which requires the skill of an experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney for the best chance of success.  Because you may only request this hearing one time each year, it is vital you have a knowledgeable lawyer to guide you through the process; otherwise, if your request is denied you will have to wait an entire year before requesting another hearing.

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