California Drug Trafficking Ring Busted – 11 People Arrested

On Monday April 14, authorities in California claimed that they had “dismantled” a drug trafficking ring that smuggled cocaine and methamphetamines from Mexico for distribution to New York, Arkansas, Illinois, and other states.  According to a news report at U-T San Diego, the 11 individuals who were in a group known as the Magana Drug Trafficking Organization worked with Nuestra Familia prison gang street gangs to distribute the drugs.

33-year-old Jose Pastor Magana, head of the drug organization, lives just southeast of Fresno in Dinuba; he was charged with eight counts including transportation and sale of a controlled substance and felony possession.  Authorities began investigating the drug ring in the summer of 2013, when it was suspected that Magana was selling marijuana.  It was revealed that in addition to marijuana, Magana was dealing in cocaine and methamphetamines.

In the course of arresting the 11 individuals, agents seized 942 marijuana plants, 56 pounds of meth, and 4 kilograms of cocaine in addition to a car and nearly $270,000 in cash.  The  majority of the arrested were made in Riverside and Tulare counties in California, however two were arrested in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Authorities say the individuals arrested will face similar charges to those of Magana.

While this is clearly a large drug trafficking ring, Michigan drug crime defense attorneys know that there are occasions on which an individual who possesses an illegal drug or narcotic may be suspected of distributing those drugs.  When investigators find someone in possession of an amount higher than would be considered normal for personal use, they may try to elevate charges from possession to possession with intent to distribute/deliver.  Even possession of certain drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy can leave those accused facing criminal penalties of up to four years in prison along with fines of up to $25,000 if convicted.

Anyone who is under investigation or has been arrested for possessing or trafficking illegal drugs or narcotics should consult with a highly experienced Michigan drug crime lawyer immediately. Your attorney will work diligently to reach positive results, striving to avoid harsh criminal penalties.

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