Handyman Charged in Murder of Bloomfield Township Resident

Earlier this week, a Wayne man was charged in the September 4 homicide of a Bloomfield Township resident. Bart Mitchell Spencer, a 45-year-old handyman, is suspected of murdering 77-year-old William Whitelaw. According to news reports at the Detroit Free Press, Spencer has an extensive criminal record.

At the time of news reports, an arraignment date and time could not be set as Spencer had allegedly violated his parole and was in custody of federal authorities. While several individuals were arrested in connection with Whitelaw’s death, Spencer is the only one charged in the homicide as authorities believe he carried out the murder alone.

According to the news article, Spencer did work for several residents who lived in the condo complex where Whitelaw lived. He had also done work for the victim, and was well-known in the complex. On the evening of September 4, authorities were dispatched to the victim’s condo after Whitelaw’s son called 911 and reported a deceased person.

Several agencies were involved in the investigation including the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Teams, the city of Wayne, the Major Case Assistance Team, and the Troy Special Investigation Unit. In all, Spencer was charged with six felonies including open murder, larceny of firearms, larceny in a building, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and arson – preparation to burn.

Open murder may be charged by the jury as first- or second-degree murder. All of the charges against Spencer are extremely serious, however the homicide charge may result in a life sentence if he is found guilty.

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