Florida Woman with Three Prior Driver’s License Suspensions Arrested

Recently, a Village of Tall Trees woman was arrested after it was determined her driver’s license had been suspended three times. According to an article at the Village News, 37-year-old Stacey Lynn Walker was arrested on Friday evening after someone notified the sheriff’s office regarding a suspicious vehicle.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report, and after driving in the vicinity of County Road 462 and NE Second Drive, located the vehicle. A deputy noticed that the driver of the vehicle and a passenger were not wearing seatbelts. After pulling the vehicle over, the deputy found that Walker’s driver’s license had been suspended three times. She was taken to the Sumter County Detention Center.

While it is not known why Walker’s license had been suspended three times, driving on a suspended license is serious. In the state of Michigan, someone’s driver’s license may be suspended due to non-payment of child support, outstanding traffic tickets, a drug conviction, DUI, or for other reasons.

A suspension generally has a defined “from” and “through” date. For example, if someone’s license is suspended for 30 days, once that 30 days has come to pass he or she simply pays a reinstatement fee to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office and has his or her driving privilege restored. However, this is not typically the case when someone’s license has been suspended due to driving under the influence. In these situations, having a suspended license reinstated can be much more complicated. In fact, individuals whose driver’s licenses are suspended or revoked because of DUI or OWI charges will need the legal guidance and support of an experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney, as it may be necessary to request a hearing with the DLAD.

It is never a good idea to drive on a suspended license. There may be reasons why you cannot get your license restored, such as lack of money, but driving on a suspended license will result in your license being suspended for an even longer period of time if you get caught, along with other repercussions. In Michigan, an individual’s driver’s license may also be suspended indefinitely, which means there is no “from” and “through” date. Until action is taken, the license will remain suspended.

Regardless of your situation, speak with a highly qualified Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyer to learn more about how you can get back on the road legally.

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