Federal Appeals Court Sides with Convicted Murderer, Sets Him Free

Kevin J. Moore had been serving a life sentence after being convicted on a charge of first-degree murder for an offense he allegedly committed in Detroit in 2000. Now, a federal appeals court has overturned the conviction, throwing out incriminating statements made by Moore while he was being interviewed by police during his interrogation.

News reports claim that unusual circumstances led to the 2-1 decision made in the court early in December. Reportedly, Moore had requested that police call an attorney for him as he was being interviewed regarding the shooting which took the life of the victim, Hyshanti Johns. The attorney could not be reached when police attempted to contact him; the subsequent statements made by Moore without the presence of his lawyer were then used against him.

Moore requested an appeal, saying that the incriminating statements he made should have been thrown out of court because he requested an attorney. Police claimed that the conversation which ultimately convicted Moore was initiated by him, and not police. The appeals court determined that Moore did not waive his right to a lawyer, and sided with him. According to news reports, Moore will remain free unless another trial is held within six months.

Michigan murder appeals attorneys know that police often use intense pressure in order to get innocent people to say things they do not mean – in fact, the interrogation can be so excruciating and drawn out that people have admitted guilt when they were in fact innocent. Prosecutors are relentless in their efforts to secure a conviction. Today, the number of guilty verdicts being overturned on appeal even in the case of murder or homicide is proof that innocent people indeed spend time in prison for crimes they did not commit.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime or even already convicted, it is imperative that capable and aggressive legal counsel is sought. Contact a talented Michigan criminal appeals lawyer at once, who will begin work on pursuing the justice you deserve.

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