Detroit Home Scene of Four Slayings

On December 4th, Detroit police officers discovered four bodies which were shot to death in a Detroit home. This is unfortunate news, considering that the city’s homicide rate was already higher than last year prior to the four deaths.

According to police, the four bodies found inside the home located in an east-side neighborhood included two men, one woman, and a teenage boy. Police spokeswoman Yvette Walker told reporters that investigators believed the killings were drug-related.

The bodies found inside the home were identified by the Wayne County medical examiner’s office as 22-year-old Janetta Harris, 28-year-old Jason Koester, 34-year-old Dyrelle Davis, and 16-year-old Shawn Bender. All three men were allegedly shot in the head; Harris died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Carla Collins, a woman who lives in the neighborhood, said that when she moved to the area three years ago it was quiet. She said that since that time, a building across the street from her home which was abandoned had become a “dope house.” Collins stated in news reports that in August of this year, a neighborhood watch group known as the Tacoma Street Block Club had been formed by herself and neighbors.

Mayor Dave Bing said that many citizens had complained that it was hard to find police officers on the streets of Detroit; he said that by the end of the winter season, more than a dozen police mini-stations would be opening, and that this was a top priority of the department. Six were open last week, and more are to open in the coming weeks in shopping and recreation centers along with other locations.

News reports state that investigations are ongoing in the death of the four individuals found in the home; no suspects were mentioned.

Michigan homicide defense attorneys know that these types of serious or violent crimes are often linked to drugs. However, those who are accused deserve a fair legal process, and are innocent until proven guilty.

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