Escanaba Convicted Sex Offender’s Appeal Denied

In October of 2011, 61-year-old Bruno Joseph Perino of Powers was found guilty of second-degree criminal sexual conduct after being accused of sexual involvement with a girl under the age of 13. Perino was employed as a bus driver at the time for the Nah Tah Wahsh PSA in Wilson, Michigan. News reports indicate the incidents took place in Brampton Township on February 1 and 28 of 2011.

Perino was found guilty of the 15-year felony in a circuit court trial in October. After posting a $1,000 bond (10% of the $10,000 bond set for Perino), he remained free until his sentencing date of December 1st. Perino was found guilty after evidence was presented that allegedly proved inappropriate touching between Perino and the child.

Perino was ultimately sentenced in December to nine months in the Delta County jail, five years probation and required to register as a sex offender. Claiming insufficient evidence, Perino appealed the conviction; however it was upheld by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Michigan sex crime appeals lawyers understand that accusing someone of a sex-related crime is easy, even when the accusations are unfounded. Individuals who are accused of any type of sex offense are often viewed as guilty in the eyes of the public, regardless of their guilt or innocence. Unfortunately, this includes jurors who may often convict an individual of an offense he or she did not commit, resulting in harsh penalties.

Understandably, crimes which are sexual in nature are considered particularly heinous by society. Still, many individuals are falsely accused of these types of crimes, and proving innocence is not always an easy task. Innocent people end up behind bars, their reputations and careers ruined – and labeled as a sex offender for life. It is important that individuals who are convicted for sex crimes they did not commit obtain the services of an aggressive Michigan criminal appeals attorney who is dedicated to protecting the rights of those wrongly accused.

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