Drug Dealer, Three Teens Arrested Following Search of Home in Logan, UT

On Tuesday July 21, a search warrant was served by the Cache-Rich Drug Task Force on a home located in Logan, Utah after it was suspected there were illegal drugs in the home located in the area of 300 North and 300 East, according to a news report at HJNews.com.

In all, four individuals were taken to jail. Cameron Sanchez, 21, is believed to be a drug dealer, perhaps the leader of the group of teens who were arrested. Upon executing the search warrant, agents with the drug task force found psilocybin mushrooms, two immature marijuana plants, more then two pounds of cannabis (marijuana), and a substance they referred to as “shatter,” a hard candy like material made from cannabis extract containing THC according to Logan Police Lt. Tyson Budge.

The other three people arrested and booked into the Cache County Jail include Izaya Johnson, 18, Maddison Young, 19, and Samuel Taylor, 19.

According to Budge, the two lbs. of marijuana found at the home would pack two one-gallon storage bags “tightly.” He said the amount was a lot more than one person could smoke over a year time period.

The three teens were booked on charges of possession of drugs and paraphernalia; Sanchez was booked on possession of drug paraphernalia, cultivation of marijuana, and suspicion of drug distribution.

Those who are convicted of drug crimes face various penalties depending on the state they live in, the type and amount of drug involved, the actual criminal charge, criminal history, and other factors. While the punishment for possession of a substance may be harsh, someone found guilty of possession with intent to distribute or cultivating/manufacturing drugs will face punishment that is even harsher.

In Michigan, those who are convicted of possession with intent to distribute marijuana may face up to 15 years in prison along with fines of as much as $10 million when the amount of marijuana is more than 200 plants or 45 kilograms.

Every individual accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. When your freedom, career, and reputation are at stake, it is imperative to consult with a highly skilled Michigan drug crimes attorney who will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best possible result in your case. You have legal options; speak with a lawyer for guidance and support immediately.

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