Drive Safely This Holiday Season, and Avoid Potential Suspension of Your Driver’s License

Christmas is just around the corner, and right on its heels comes the New Year’s holiday. This is a time of year when many people are attending holiday parties and festivities, family get-togethers, and generally enjoying the season. While it’s fun to enjoy the company of friends, family, or co-workers and have a few drinks while enjoying the holiday cheer, driving while under the influence of alcohol could leave you facing not only charges of DUI, but a suspended driver’s license as well.

In Michigan, first-time DUI offenders will face a six month (180 days) license suspension. For the first 30 of those days, you will not be able to operate a motor vehicle; after this 30 day time period has passed, your driving privilege will be restricted. This means that you can only drive for very specific purposes, such as to and from work.

If stopped on suspicion of operating while intoxicated for a second time within a 7-year time period of a first conviction, your driver’s license will be revoked for one year if you are charged with DUI. A revocation is more serious than a suspension; you will not be allowed to drive for any reason during this one-year time period. Even after the year has passed, there is no guarantee that your driver’s license will be reinstated.

Today, our busy lives often hinge around having the privilege to drive. When your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, it creates a devastating hardship. As trusted Michigan drivers license restoration attorneys, we urge you to consider the risks carefully before deciding to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. Not only could you face criminal penalties and suspension of your driver’s license, the consequences could be catastrophic if you were to cause an accident resulting in injury or death to others.

Enjoy the holiday season, but be smart. If you intend to consume alcohol or liquor at a holiday party or gathering of family and friends, make sure you have a designated driver. Alternately, you could spend the night if at a family member or friend’s home, or call a cab. Better to be safe than sorry!

If you do find yourself in a bad situation and your license is suspended, take action quickly. Call a qualified Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyer who will work vigorously to help get you back on the road.

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