Detroit Coney Island Robbery Leaves Suspect Dead

Recently, a suspect in a Coney Island armed robbery was shot and killed in the process of robbing the Detroit restaurant. A customer who was in the restaurant at the time pulled his weapon and fired on the suspect when the suspect fired at the owner, Adi Avdolli, striking him in the shoulder. The customer who shot the suspect is a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) holder.

Initially, two men allegedly entered the restaurant to rob it, according to news reports. The second suspect fled and was on the run following the altercation. According to Adi Avdolli, the suspect who was shot by the customer put the gun in Avdolli’s face and pulled the trigger. Avdolli claims the gunman did not ask him for money.

When the armed customer shot the suspect, the second suspect was standing guard at the door and fired his shotgun, grazing the shoulder of the armed customer. The customer, who fired off eight rounds in total, is 51 years old; he said that he wanted to save Avdolli’s life and the lives of the others in the building. The man told reporters that individuals who do “stuff like this” should watch out, because they never know when someone may be legally carrying a gun and capable of protecting those in the vicinity.

The suspect who lost his life was 29 years old. News reports claim that another customer was grazed by a bullet when the gunfire erupted as well, but was not seriously injured. According to Detroit police, the second suspect was wearing a black mask and an orange sweater at the time of the robbery; he fled on foot.

It was believed that the same men who attempted to rob the Coney Island restaurant also robbed an AutoZone about an hour earlier. The suspect who was killed while attempting to rob the restaurant was found to have the money from the AutoZone robbery in his possession.

Individuals convicted on charges of armed robbery face serious consequences. This is a felony offense that can result in as many as 15 years in prison, even for a first-time offender. Whether you are being investigated or have already been arrested, it is crucial that you consult with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney right away.

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