Charges Dropped, Then Re-filed Against Man Accused of Slaying in Pandemonium Night Club Bouncer’s Death

In September of this year, 40-year-old Lou Ferrin, a bouncer at Club Pandemonium in Detroit, died after being stabbed in the neck by a male patron he was ejecting from the club. At the time of the murder, the killer remained on the loose and police had no suspects. Ferrin, a father of three, was working at the club to support his family and owned his own security business according to family members.

A few days after the incident, Detroit police arrested 20-year-old LaVelle Dumas, who police say was escorted out of the night club after becoming involved in a fight with other patrons. News reports allege that Dumas produced a knife and proceeded to stab Ferrin in the neck.

On November 1st, Wayne County prosecutors dropped the charges against Dumas due to lack of evidence. The charges were dismissed after 36th District Court Judge Katherine Hansen said that prosecutors failed to show probable cause.

New charges were filed against Dumas just hours later. First-degree murder charges were filed by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, whose office said that additional evidence will be presented to prove probable cause in the case against Dumas.

On November 1st when charges against Dumas were dismissed, he was released from jail only to be taken back by Detroit Police a few hours later.

In less than 1 1/2 years, four people have been murdered in connection to the Club Pandemonium. Just this past June, Marcel Jackson, a 38-year-old man working as a bouncer at the club, was fatally shot when he became involved in a dispute with a male patron. His murder has not been solved as of this date.

Michigan murder defense attorneys know that in some instances, innocent individuals face years behind bars and severe punishment for crimes they did not commit. In this case, the judge dismissed the charge because prosecutors could not demonstrate probable cause or present evidence. Cases which lack evidence are tough for prosecutors to prove, and sadly no matter how it turns out, the accused individual will have a cloud of suspicion and doubt hanging over his head unless conclusive evidence can be found that rules him out.

If you have been arrested for murder, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer with the experience, knowledge and aggressive approach necessary to reach a positive outcome.

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