Detroit #1 For Fourth Straight Year on Forbes ‘Most Violent” City List

According to Forbes “The10 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities” list, Detroit ranks #1 for the fourth straight year for violent crimes including rape, murder, assault and robbery of the cities with 200,000 or more residents.

News reports claim that violent crimes in the Detroit area decreased by about 10% in 2011, however the crime rate is still about five times the national average. Reports also claim that as of October 14th of 2012, homicides are up from the same time period last year, about 10%. There were 277 homicides recorded by this date in 2011, and 305 in 2012. In all, there were 344 homicides in 2011. Unfortunately, it appears that at this current rate, that number will be topped in 2012.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report statistics from 2010 were used to reach the 2011 conclusion; however, John Roman claimed that these statistics should not be used for comparing violence in the largest cities, as coming to the conclusion of which cities are the most violent can be “tricky” because of differences in economics, urban borders and police reporting standards. Roman is a University of Pennsylvania criminology teacher and a senior fellow at the Urban Institute. The FBI even warns against using the data to compare violence in cities in the U.S., however it remains one of the most thorough compilations available of crime data and statistics.

Michigan criminal defense attorneys realize that violent crimes are nearly a daily occurrence in Detroit and surrounding communities. In fact, just two weeks ago the Detroit Police Officers Association warned citizens and those who come from out of town to enter Detroit “at their own risk,” according to an NBC news report. The association claims that the police force is grossly understaffed, and with violence increasing, the existing staff cannot adequately protect the public. Much of this understaffing problem can be attributed to budget cuts and officers leaving the force due to extremely long work hours with what many feel are inadequate pay.

If you have been arrested for rape, assault, murder, robbery or any violent crime, consult with an aggressive and skilled Michigan criminal defense lawyer for legal guidance, support and vigorous representation.

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